Zone 3 Planning Application

The local community was invited to view and comment on the Zone 3 and NRDR Planning Applications for Chelmsford Garden Community (CGC). The online consultation took place between Monday 10 October 2022 until Monday 14 November 2022. On the evening of Wednesday 19 October 2022, we held a Zoom presentation followed by Questions & Answers. A recording of the Zoom presentation can be viewed on the Library Page.

A planning application for Chelmsford Garden Community (CGC) Zone 3 is being brought forward by Halley Developments in accordance with the approved CGC Development Framework Document (DFD) which sets out the Vision and Framework for the Garden Community. It will also comply with the Infrastructure Delivery Plan (IDP) which sets out what infrastructure needs to be delivered, by whom, when and at what cost and will be governed by an overarching legally binding Planning Framework Agreement (PFA).

The application proposals comprise;
• Up to 1,500 dwellings.
• Green and blue infrastructure including a significant area of public open space and sports facilities, known as Discovery Park North.

Published documents are available to view on the Library Page.

Zone 3 Illustrative Masterplan