Zone 1 Planning Application

A planning application for Chelmsford Garden Community (CGC) Zone 1 has been submitted by Ptarmigan Land in accordance with the approved CGC Development Framework Document (DFD) which sets out the Vision and Framework for the Garden Community. It will also comply with the Infrastructure Delivery Plan (IDP) which sets out what infrastructure needs to be delivered, by whom, when and at what cost and will be governed by an overarching legally binding Planning Framework Agreement (PFA).

The planning application seeks outline permission for a mixed-use residential led proposal of up to 1,500 residential dwellings, a primary school and associated playing fields, employment areas and a mixed use village centre. The proposals will also include public open space, formal and informal play and recreational areas as well as drainage features.

The planning application seeks detailed permission for elements of primary means of access into the site via a new roundabout along Essex Regiment Way as well as a new pedestrian and cyclist overbridge, primary internal routes through the site and associated drainage infrastructure.

The planning application reference numbers are 22/01950/FUL & 22/01950/OUT.

Zone 1 Illustrative Masterplan

The local community was invited to view and comment on the Zone 1 Planning Application for Chelmsford Garden Community. The online consultation took place between Monday 22 August until Friday 30 September 2022. On the first evening of the online consultation, Monday 22 August 2022, we held an introductory Zoom presentation followed by Questions & Answers. A recording of the Zoom presentation can be viewed on the Library Page.

Published documents are available to view on the Library Page.